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Stanley Zweber, Licensed Massage Therapist

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I have had a private massage practice in Boulder since 1997 and am a graduate of Colorado School of Healing Arts, where I am now a faculty member. I have also completed advanced studies in Visionary Craniosacral Work™ (VCSW™) with Scottish osteopath Hugh Milne, and am a graduate of Milne Institute.

My training with numerous gifted Teachers, and the support and wisdom that they so generously shared, has greatly enriched my work on this path of service to humanity. I have also drawn inspiration from my explorations in the natural world, and the healing power available through an immersion in that landscape.

Wise teachers say we don't go out into the wilds to find something so much as to let ourselves be found -- by mystery, beauty, and the glowing gem of our souls.

  - Peter Fonken

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mountain glacier
Tsegi NNM massage
Butte GSENM massage
caribou trail NF massage
Rio Grande
Condormarca trail massage
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All photos by Stanley Zweber